SAMA’s top leaders of our community joining together giving of their service, time, and expertise to participate on the various SAMA committees that work to help our industrial and business community.

EDUCATION | Chair, Dr. Don Kenton, Principal, Donald J. Kenton, Sc.D., LLCPromote career interest in Manufacturing Technologies at the High School and College Levels.  Promotes continued Technical Skills Development of the Work Force.  

ENERGY | Falls Under the Environmental Committee Monitors CPS Energy activities and works with CPS staff in maintaining equitable policies and rates for each class of customer. 

ENVIRONMENTAL | Chair Cimber Mabe, Environmental Compliance Manager, HEBStudy and evaluate standards or regulations set forth by federal, state, county, or municipal agencies relating to environmental issues.  Provide the TCEQ Small Business Advocate’s Office with information about the impact of existing and new environmental regulations on small manufacturers.  Makes recommendations to SAMA Board of Directors and apprises the membership concerning those laws, ordinances, etc., which affect the industrial and business community.  Committee also monitors all activities of SAWS concerning water issues and rates.  Serve as an advisory committee to local government(s) during the formulation of ordinances, laws, acts or bills and to furnish appropriate information regarding specific problems that may result after the adoption or enforcement of such standards or regulations.  Assist and represent members who are faced with problems pertaining to industrial wastewater.  Responsible for monitoring proposed increases in sewer and sewer surcharge rates.

GOLF | Organize and conducts two Golf Tournaments, which are our major fundraisers (Held each in the spring and fall). 

GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS | Chair David Fry, Cox Manufacturing Co. – The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for advancing the mission and priorities of SAMA to locally elected officials and for representing members when critical public policy situations arise which impact manufacturers . Meets at the call of  the chair, no set day/time.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS | Chair Katherine Rocha, Alamo Academies Plans and organize SAMA’s efforts to maintain its awareness in the community. Studies and develops ways to increase more efficient communication among the SAMA Membership.  Provide information in a newsletter format on Community Highlights, Industry News, Governmental & Regulatory Issues, Events, and Members. 

MEMBERSHIP | Chair Tony Bruns, Employee Benefits  Consultant, USI Insurance Group Actively recruit new members.  Coordinate and carry forth a program to assure a net gain in membership, maintain the present membership.  Act as greeters for SAMA’s monthly membership luncheons.  Selects locations and works the registration of the membership mixer & plant tours.  Contact members who have let their membership lapse more than 30 days. 

PROGRAM | Chair Jason Visosky, Director of Process Technologies, Aalberts Dispense Technologies Plan, schedule and supervise the monthly general membership luncheons, seminars, workshops, plant tours, & other special functions.  The committee is responsible for the selection of topics and speakers for each SAMA event. 

TRADE SHOW | Co-Chairs Dollie Bodin, Senior Design Consultant, Government Relations Specialist, The Trade Group – San Antonio and Javier Garcia, Owner, JAG Professionals Services and Bruce Stanfill, Lead Consultant, Aquila Analytics, LLC Plan, schedule and supervise the annual trade show held during the first quarter of each year in the spring, which includes publicity, food, seminar, booth sales, venue, and door prize donations.