2018 Marks three decades and new expansions for Helmy

Helmy Plastics is thankful to SAMA for being a strong advocate on all local manufacturers behalf

Helmy Plastics, a SAMA member since 1998, will celebrate 30 years in business in 2018. What began as a passion to bring an idea to life, led to the establishment of a family owned business in 1988.

When husband and wife founders, Abe and Mona Helmy, could not find a local manufacturer to produce Abe’s newly patented landscape product, they realized what the answer to their dilemma was – manufacture the product themselves. With backgrounds in architecture and strong entrepreneurial spirits, Abe and Mona rented a 6,000 sq ft building and purchased a thermoforming machine. Soon, the landscape line expanded, and a home décor line was introduced, both sold under the Henta brand.

In 1992, a local medical company commissioned Helmy to design and manufacture a housing for a blood pressure machine, resulting in the start of their custom heavy gauge division. Creative designs and innovative solutions helped build a solid reputation and a robust customer base allowing them to add inline thin gauge thermoforming and CNC tooling divisions. Helmy became one of few plastic manufacturers to convert both thin and heavy gauge plastics. All services, from design to prototyping, R&D, tooling and production, were done in-house saving clients time and money.

Helmy’s rise as a leader in the custom thermoforming industry brought prosperity and in 1999 Helmy relocated into its current 45,000 sq. ft. location. Their heavy gauge division produces housings, shrouds, POP displays, panels and containers. Thin gauge division produces blisters, clamshells, inserts, cushions and trays. Products are used in many industries including hunting, air conditioning, retail, medical, toys, cosmetics, computers, auto, and lighting. Helmy proudly counts many local companies, innovative start-ups, and fortune 500s among its valued clients.

From its humble beginnings to the leader it is today, Helmy Plastics owes its success to the man that approached his work daily with the intention of bringing ideas to life and innovating better solutions. Abe sadly passed away in 2009 after a brave battle with cancer. With the country in the midst of an economic recession, Mona was faced with daunting odds as she assumed the role of CEO. For years she relished being behind the scenes running design and finance but now she was obligated to make changes.

One of the changes that paid off greatly was to lean more on SAMA and use its vital resources. Having been a member of SAMA for 20 years, Mona fully realized the value SAMA brings to the manufacturing industry. Their involvement has created invaluable connections with industry peers and awareness of vital educational training and workforce development programs – all of which are driving progress at Helmy. They are also in the midst of equipment advancement and a 5,000 sq. ft. expansion and SAMA provided integral support. Both Rey Chavez of SAMA and Tom Long of SAEDF, through the “BRE program”, visited and offered their outlook and assistance on several issues.

—Mona Helmy, Helmy Associates & Co.