Scoring matrix update

City pulls back on contract compensation incentive plan

Earlier this year, Councilman Rey Saldana (District 4) put forth a Council Consideration Request (CCR) asking fellow council-members to consider adding a scoring matrix to all city contracts that weighs compensation. Meaning, if all things else are equal, the city would elect to pay more for a contract that has a higher compensation package to those involved.

The CCR, a document used to gather support and move items forward in the process, was signed by Council-members Trevino (District 1), Warrick (formerly District 2), Medina (formerly District 7), and Nirenberg (formerly District 8). After receiving the requisite signatures, the item was forwarded to the Governance Committee, a screening process meant to vet items before they are voted on by the council as a whole. During this process, the legal department at the city and state level determined that the language as it was written in the CCR was not allowed according to state law.

Because of the potential ramifications to manufacturers who do business with the city of San Antonio, SAMA has elected to take a very strong stance against any form of the CCR that should make it to council. While the CCR claims to want to provide a “living wage” to all, SAMA sees the slippery slope leading to an eventual $15 per hour minimum wage, a la Seattle.

Additionally, the CCR would increase spending at the city, as all contracts would increase their compensation and pass it through to the city and the taxpayers.

SAMA will continue to stay apprised of the situation and alert membership if anything changes.

Casey Whittington, The Whittington Group