City Initiatives to Keep an Eye On

Members, with all that is going on at city hall, we wanted to provide a brief overview of items/issues that will be affecting manufacturers in the coming months. If you wish to know more or be more involved, please consider joining the government affairs committee.

Paid Sick Leave – An effort led by the Texas Organizing Project to require ALL businesses within the city limits to provide paid sick leave to any employee who works over 40 hours per YEAR.

Predictive Scheduling – Initiative to require businesses to inform employees of their schedule in advance and penalize employers who deviate from the posted schedule.

Scoring Matrix – The addition of a scoring column on city bids that would take into account the compensation of employees and provide points to those who pay more. Seen as a method to eventually require a $15/hr minimum wage.

Viewshed – Ordinance that would severely limit development surrounding sites deemed as “viewshed” areas, i.e. the Hays Street Bridge.

Additionally, city council elected to not pursue a bid for the Republican National Convention in 2020 despite the widespread knowledge of the $200 M economic impact the convention and corresponding news coverage would provide. This was done in executive session, an alarming trend in city hall.

The city is also working on a “Climate Action Plan”, a guiding document related to environmental decisions facing the city in the future, and Rey Chavez and myself represent SAMA on various committees for that plan.

Casey Whittington, Senior Vice President, The Whittington Group