Internships: The try before you buy program!

Often times, we wish we had the opportunity to try something before we bought it. What about that new set of machine tools that we hope will do the job that it has been advertised for or even the new pair of shoes that we hope will fit. Well even more important is the human capital that we bring into the work place. Will they be the right fit for the job? Will they take our company to the next level? Internships afford you the opportunity to do just that. It’s called the try before you buy program. You have an opportunity to try the individual before you hire to see if they have the skills, competencies and the right attitude to fit your companies culture. While they on the other hand, have the opportunity to see if the job/opportunity that they are studying for is the right fit for them.

So how important are internships in the manufacturing world? Very important, as an industry, manufacturing has had a negative stigma attached to it when it comes to accessibility, innovation, creativity, and opportunity for potential employees and recent graduates. Newcomers to the workforce rarely have an “inside” look into the many benefits that are obtainable through employment in the industry sector.  Positive work climates, a variety of uses for talent and skills, and opportunities for career growth and enhancement are just a few of the reasons why manufacturing deserves a second look.

With manufacturing internships, students are offered a first-hand look into the workplace culture.  They are afforded the opportunity to network, earn college credit, and most importantly, build their résumé.  Interns are able to increase their skill and gain confidence in their ability to contribute in the workplace.  Interns quickly learn of the diverse opportunities available in manufacturing, ranging from accounting to sales and marketing, customer service, engineering, production, quality control, and human resources.  Each one of these areas plays an important role in the success of the entire organization.

Manufacturing internships not only enable you as business owners to engage the community, but also allow you to fill full and part-time position loses with quality interns.  Manufacturers benefit immediately from the work that the intern is able to provide.  Manufacturers are also able to train interns for potential re-entry into their permanent labor force.  Through your work with training interns, managers often learn the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in their existing company’s training protocols of other full-time employees.

Internship opportunities in the San Antonio area on average offer a very lucrative salary as noted by Glassdoor of $57, 892. A little below the national average of $59, 785, yet still very significant based on the location and cost of living. So what are you waiting for — the benefits speak for themselves. Check with your local college or university to provide an opportunity to a college student. Could be a wonderful chance to enhance your workforce, while benefiting the local community through student engagement. To learn more


Otis “Scotty” Scott, Jr., UTSA—Career Services