Military Veterans—An Untapped Resource

How many times have I heard from companies, if only I could find an individual that could pass a background check, a drug test, show up on time and be a team player? Are we overlooking an untapped resource? With over 20 million veterans in the United States, with Texas having the second largest population of veterans, a great opportunity is being missed. Veterans have served this country and learned skills that are critical in the work place, i.e., like being on time, dedication to the job, problem solving and the ability to overcome adversity. Companies that stereotype veterans, because they feel that they may have psychological issues or may be over qualified for the job are missing out on an invaluable resource. As business owners or hiring managers, you need to ask yourself these questions:
Does the company/organization have programs that actively recruit veterans?
Has the company/organization taken advantage of the tax credit for hiring veterans?
Does the company/organization have veteran employer resources groups (ERG’s)?
If you answered yes to the above questions… Congratulations! If no, then what are you waiting on?
There are many other reasons to hire veterans and here is one that all businesses can relate to… the bottom-line. Veterans can make an immediate impact on your bottom-line, no matter what business you are in… just ask your competitors.
Here is a link with 10 more reasons to hire a veteran:
There are many resources to assist you in hiring veterans. Are you utilizing them? Many of them are free and available, just by conducting a simple web search. Remember veterans leaving the service is a big change in culture and work environment. Many miss the camaraderie and challenges that the military provides. You have an opportunity to employ the talent that you need and obtain a dedicated, loyal, teamwork focused individual in the process. Look at it this way, it’s a win/win for you and the veteran, so what ae you waiting for?

Otis “Scotty” Scott, Jr., Career Services, UTSA