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  • 8:30am to 9:45am—”Accelerate Your Industry 4.0 Transformation” presented by Russ Hughes, Product Marketing Manager, Desoutter Tools, Rockhill, South Carolina
    • Discover the technological trends in connectivity, capabilities, digital instructions and augmented reality as we introduce smarter factories of the future as they relate to assembly.  We will equip you with ways to reduce downtimes, create more flexible production processes with lower costs and show how Industry 4.0 is giving companies far better visibility of their processes, ensuring that potential problems can be identified before they occur.


  • 12:30pm to 1:15pm—”Manufacturing 4.0: How the Industrial Internet of Things can help your manufacturing business today” presented by Bruce Stanfil, Lead Consultant, Aquila Analytics, LLC and Jason McLaurin, Industrial Software Designer, JCore Systems
    • What is the Industrial Internet of Things?
    • How can manufacturers benefit from connected devices and the cloud?
    • How are industrial cloud applications secured against cyber threats?
  • 1:30pm to 2:15pm—”Predictive Maintenance & Data for Lean – Manufacturing 4.0″ presented by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas; Banner Engineering; and KCF Technologies
  • 2:30pm to 3:15pm—”Collaborative Robotics: Options and Capabilities” presented by Matt Robinson, Program Manager ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas, Southwest Research Institute
    • Understanding ‘Collaborative Robotics
    • Exploring the types of Collaborative Robotics/Systems
    • Deployment challenges
    • Demonstrating value


  • Visit quality over 150 vendors in one day…under one roof
  • FREE admission for attendees
  • Convenient and ample FREE parking for all
  • Opportunity to learn about Manufacturing 4.0 and what it can do for your business
    • What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?
    • How will it affect your company?
    • What opportunities will Industry 4.0 unlock?
    • How can Industry 4.0 create a 30% leap in productivity?
    • Are you ready for the potential to leverage Industry 4.0?
    • How can YOU leverage Industry 4.0 today?
    • IIOT, Smart Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 – what’s the difference?

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