Chairman’s Report by Duffy Shea – President, Alamo Iron Works

SAMA Beats the Manufacturing Drum for “South Texas”

 Traditionally, SAMA has been laser focused on building “The Brand” of SAMA across the greater 8 county San Antonio area and touting the impact of Manufacturing, all manufacturing, on the local economy.  Our message is clear and our results impactful: $30 billion in economic impact (2011).  Our efforts with the Alamo Academies, Workforce Solutions, ATEAMS and local initiatives like SA Works, SA Economic Development Foundation, give credence to SAMA’s impact and the renewed status of manufacturing.

But today, SAMA is also reaching out to not only the San Antonio area movers and shakers but our impact is felt across a broader area.  Recent events such as our South Texas Trade Show & Conference and meetings with the Texas Association of Manufacturers and the National Association of Manufacturers have cast San Antonio, and by association, South Texas into a broader light.  Drew Greenblatt, President and CEO of Marlin Steel from Baltimore, was the guest speaker at the Trade Show & Conference representing 12,000 small and medium NAM manufacturers.  Mr. Greenblatt brought a National perspective to our area and was impressed at the strength and diversity of the “South Texas manufacturing community”, and how active and “tip of the sword” SAMA is by leading the change for “all things manufacturing.”  “SAMA gets it.  What a dynamic organization.  You are serving your members well and are at a national level of impact and advocacy.”

It is this Chairman’s desire to see SAMA not only focused on the eight (8) county area of San Antonio as a beacon of “all things manufacturing” but to lead a true South Texas charge by building a more dynamic association involved with sister cities North and South.  There is power and influence with scale.  As our membership grows, we will continue to influence results in our world of manufacturing.  That means only one thing: “What is good for manufacturing is good for San Antonio and South Texas.”