Chairman’s Report by Duffy Shea – President, Alamo Iron Works

2017 Year in Review

Wow! What a great ending to a year full of challenges and change….2017 was a tale of two halves for many of our manufacturing members.  The first half was a ho-hum start to 2017, looking a lot like a 2016 hangover.  But the second half, and particular, in the 4th Quarter, saw a rising tide that had everyone busy and excited.  Even after absorbing the damages from Hurricane Harvey, 2018 Manufacturing in San Antonio and Texas is on the rise and very strong.

Big issues affected SAMA in 2017, like local elections that really shook things up.  Our SAMA Economic Impact Study showed how the eight (8) County area around San Antonio has grown to be a leading economic contributor, if not the leading economic generator, in this area.  How does a 40 billion economic impact sound coming from manufacturing? Our area remains incredibly attractive for current and future manufacturing growth: affordable land, excellent and affordable utilities, incredible workforce programs to provide a capable and willing work force, plus all the goodies that come from doing business in Texas.

On the SAMA front, we had a solid fiscal year in which we responsibly supported our members thru numerous value added seminars like Employment Law, OSHA and Safety Training, TMAC’s award winning Manufacturing Supervisors Certification, as well as TMAC’s Lean Manufacturing  Certification.

We had 145 companies from SAMA participate in our highly regarded and growing SAMA Trade Show & Conference (800 attendees during the daylong event).  SAMA also showed its true Texas colors by donating over $10,000 and 290,000 lbs. of food to the SAT Food Bank and to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. And your Board approved almost twice that amount to our educational partners in workforce training like the ATEAMS to insure we have the current and future workers trained and ready for manufacturers going forward.

This was a busy and fun year, action packed with strong momentum building for all of our businesses.  I want to thank the Board for putting up with me and congratulate Jim Caldwell (TMAC) as our new Chair for 2018 and Ian Burden, President of Alamo Group, as the Chair Elect for 2019.  Jim and Ian are the real thing and both are savvy manufacturing leaders. Jim will continue to drive improvement in all that we do at SAMA, as that is his nature.  There are some great new programs coming up in 2018, and we will see the results of Jim and the Board’s efforts early in 2018 to bring these fantastic new programs to the SAMA membership. Stay tuned! Saludos and Best Wishes in 2018!

2017 Highlights

During 2017, the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) provided the following educational and training programs:

  • 56 members attended SAMA’s Employment Law Seminar training program
  • 21 members attended the SAMA’s Exhibitor Training for Trade Shows
  • 98 people attended SAMA’s “Texas Reshoring: Made in the USA” Conference conducted during SAMA’s Industry Trade Show
  • 62 members attended SAMA’s Environmental Seminar training program
  • 55 members attended SAMA’s Annual Safety Seminar on “OSHA’s Direction In 2017 & How To Be Prepared”
  • 28 members completed SAMA’s OSHA 10-hour Safety Certification Program
  • 57 members attended SAMA’s “Achieving Excellence in Leadership” Seminar
  • 22 members attended SAMA’s Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management Seminar
  • 31 members attended SAMA’s Cyber Security Seminar – Attacks Can happen To You!
  • 12 members completed SAMA’s & TMAC’s Manufacturing Supervisor Certification Program
  • 14 members completed SAMA’s & TMAC’s Lean Manufacturing Certification Program
  • 145 companies exhibited at SAMA’s South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference with over 800 interested participants

Over 1,465 people attended SAMA’s monthly luncheon meetings to network with other members as well as gain knowledge on pertinent topics for manufacturers, including “San Antonio’s Manufacturing Industry―2017 Economic Impact Study”; “Energy Plans and Availability”; “San Antonio 2017 Mayoral Debate”; “Water Projects & Availability Update”; “Air Quality & Non-Attainment What Does It Mean for Bexar County”; among other topics of interest

  • 56 members attended SAMA’s Annual Bus Tour of Manufacturers, showcasing diverse regional manufacturing firms and their production processes
  • MfgDay17 had 182 members, students and counselors tour two local manufacturing plants in the San Antonio area

In addition, SAMA sponsored a number of social and community networking activities for our membership in 2017, including:

  • Coordinating a drive that raised over 290,000 lbs. of food for the San Antonio Food Bank
  • Hosting the annual SAMA Bowling tournament for SAMA members, with 160 members attending
  • Hosting the Annual Spring and Fall Golf Tournaments, with 288 SAMA members attending
  • More than 388 people attended the SAMA Mixers, with some highlighting a manufacturing firm or associate member and providing a networking forum

Let us not forget the exclusive CEO Event where 56 Manufacturing C-Level members enjoyed cocktails, dinner and an outstanding speaker at the enchanting Coates Chapel & Courtyard.

Duffy Shea, President, Alamo Iron Works