Chairman’s Report by Duffy Shea – President, Alamo Iron Works


We frequently are asked this question from prospective SAMA members and even sometimes existing SAMA members.  Why SAMA?  What can SAMA do for me?

For those of us who are in SAMA leadership roles (as well as the many SAMA volunteers), the answer is very easy.  SAMA sets the table for manufacturers in the eight County Region around San Antonio to prosper in many ways.

Check out these facts: (1) SAMA is THE VOICE of Manufacturing’s $40B  economic impact   in the Greater San Antonio area (2) $57K average manufacturing salary, which is 23% greater than the average San Antonio/Bexar County Wage (3) Lowest water and electric utility rates of all major Texas cities.(4) Nationally recognized workforce, educational and training programs to support the significant manufacturing presence  (5) a hugely successful Trade Show for our Region which supports our Manufacturing companies and their tiered suppliers.

This performance does not happen by chance.  Years of focused advocacy for all things Manufacturing has resulted in a strong and respected SAMA Organization that is making the San Antonio area nationally recognized.  With big neighbors like Houston and Dallas, San Antonio’s Manufacturers have stepped out of their shade and onto our stage.  The hidden jewel is no longer in hiding.

To keep the SAMA momentum going we need several concurrent events to happen: (i) more programs and participants to train our legacy and next generation workers in advanced manufacturing skills. (ii) Companies already here need to hire, expand and reinvest in this area (iii) and more local Manufacturers need to join SAMA to reinforce our Voice and Mission.  Sitting on the sidelines does not cut it.  We have a strong and bold SAMA organization. Let’s make it even better in 2018. Join us today!

Duffy Shea, President Alamo Iron Works