SAMA membership helps Texans and manufacturers affected by Hurricane Harvey

There are over 6,000 manufacturing companies in the greater Houston area and the Texas Gulf Coast. They range in size from small to large businesses, totaling an estimated employment of a quarter million people.

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast in August of 2017 with devastating impact. Eighty-eight people lost their lives and more than 300,000 people were left without power and many homeless.  Numerous manufacturers were seriously affected and SAMA members were quick to offer a helping hand.  Many reached out to competitors and others offered physical and financial assistance.

James Franks, Owner, Franks Manufacturing, personally drove an emergency truckload of Lick Feeders to a customer who had lost all his cattle feed tanks in the subsequent flooding. David Fry, Director of Communications, Cox Manufacturing, along with several employees, worked with Samaritan’s Purse to help clear debris in coastal communities.

The biggest contribution was made by our members in the form of monetary donations to organizations focused on Hurricane Harvey relief.  Following the disaster, the Board of Directors reached  out to the members with this challenge “SAMA will match Hurricane Harvey relief donations up to $10K.”

SAMA members exceeded the target, with a combined total over $100K.  At November’s luncheon, SAMA presented a $10K check to the SA Food Bank.  “Outstanding, clearly a statement of support to our fellow Texans and manufacturing industry!” SAMA Board of Directors.

Ken Scott, Legacy Assets